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Hungry for Fuel

Fueling a vehicle with food waste was a concept made famous by the movie Back to the Future. But now, almost 30 years later, what was once a futuristic idea, has become reality. The Organic Waste Recycling Facility at the…

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Biogas to Heat and Power

A variety of turbines and IC engines are designed to operate on biogas. Both types of cogeneration equipment have unique characteristics including their electrical and thermal efficiency. Biogas-to-energy projects are becoming more commonplace.  Using the naturally occurring methane from biogas…

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BioCNG™ Harnesses Landfill Gas for Dane County Fleet

In Dane County, Wisconsin, a new BioCNG™ filling station located at the county’s Rodefeld Landfill is turning even more trash into Renewable Compressed Natural Gas (biomethane). Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, said the station is part of the county executive’s…

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