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Unison Solutions, Inc. is now Petal Certified and June 26, 2013 was the official green ribbon ceremony. This is a program that promotes sustainable behaviors and practices in business operations and has five separate sections. Here are some of the highlights.

Water Conservation: Unison Solutions, Inc. reuses water to hydro test vessels whenever possible and has installed low flow aerators on all hand washing sinks.

Staff Education: Unison Solutions, Inc. introduces new employees to the Petal Project immediately in their training program. Employees are given updates at quarterly meetings, through the company newsletter, and periodic “Petal Project – Did you know?” e-mails.

Energy Conservation: Unison Solutions, Inc. uses occupancy sensors in areas with no natural lighting to help reduce energy usage. They have also implemented a plan to turn off large machines such as band saws, welders and air compressors when not in use.

Pollution Prevention: The lunchroom at Unison Solutions, Inc. includes a dishwasher and garbage disposal to facilitate reducing food waste and using reusable plates, silverware, mugs and glassware. Recycling efforts have been expanded to include disposal of specialty waste such as batteries and employees are encouraged to bring in these items from home to be disposed of properly.

Waste Reduction: All outgoing shipments at Unison Solutions, Inc. reuse cardboard boxes and pallets from inbound freight. At a recent sales meeting, all attendees were given a USB sticks with presentations and literature loaded for easy access and to reduce conference materials. Unison employees unsubscribe from magazines that send multiple or unwanted copies to eliminate waste at the source.


More information on The Petal Project may be found at


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