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City of Riverview, MI to Power Vehicles with Renewable Natural Gas

Scheduled for startup in early May 2013, the City of Riverview, Michigan’s Riverview Land Preserve will convert about 100 standard cubic feet per minute of excess landfill gas into about 500 gallons of gasoline equivalent of compressed natural gas (CNG). This new vehicle fueling system is in addition to the existing 6.4 MW landfill-gas-to-energy plant already on site, which produces enough energy to power nearly 4,000 homes (data based on the EPA’s LFG Energy Benefits Calculator).

BioCNG, LLC, is part of a team that is assisting with the development of a BioCNG™ alternative vehicle fuel system for the Riverview site. The City is using the patent pending BioCNG vehicle fuel system to convert a portion of landfill gas into CNG, which will be used to fuel City vehicles. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC was the City’s engineer for this work.

Read more in the May 2013 article from the Clean Energy Coalition 

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