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Using technology from the sour gas industry, we have developed a line of gas compression skids that resist the corrosive properties of biogas. Our equipment has been used to fuel turbines, fuel cells, vehicle fueling and pipeline projects. Due to the increased maintenance issues caused by siloxanes many of our compressor skids are used in conjunction with integrated siloxane removal systems.

Our compression systems use two-stage condensate removal to protect not only the end-use equipment but also the compressor itself. We have developed a process that prevents condensation within the compressor by removing enough moisture prior to compression. The remaining moisture is removed post‐compression where the efficiency is greater and a true pressure dew point can be achieved.

Packages can be designed for any gas flow at pressures up to 300 psig. The gas will be delivered particulate-free with a relative humidity consistently lower than 25%. As a standard practice, we design all of our biogas systems for a Class I, Division 1 environment. Our in‐house UL panel shop allows us to customize the automation of each system to meet the customer’s individual requirements. We work hard to make our systems easy to operate and maintain.

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