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This is a powdered substance based on iron(III) oxide-hydroxide FeO(OH) and is used to bind hydrogen sulfide inside anaerobic digesters. It provides a cost-effective, non corrosive alternative for reducing H2S levels in biogas produced by digesters. For more information on the noncorrosive characteristics of this powder, please contact our sales group for a copy of our Corrosiveness Study.


The powder should be evenly distributed within the digester and concentrations should be maintained at a constant level. It can be added in its dry form or in a suspension ratio of 2:1 water and powder, by volume.

The ferrous sulfide formed by the process is an almost insoluble compound.


  • 40 lb (18 kg) biodegradable bags, 50/pallet
  • 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) supersacks with bottom funnel for dispensing

Unison Solutions Case Study using Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Powder

at the Exeter Agri-Energy & Stonyvale Farms Brochure.

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