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Sacramento BioDigester Awarded 2013 International Bioenergy Project of the Year and 2013 Energy Vision Green Leadership Award

Unison Solutions, Inc., of Dubuque, Iowa, announced that it has manufactured the equipment which won the 2013 “International Bioenergy Project of the Year” Award by Power Generation and Renewable Energy in Orlando, Florida on November 11 at the Renewable Energy World – Power Engineering Awards Gala. This project beat out 16 other projects in the global competition for this award. The project partners include CleanWorld, the City of Sacramento, Atlas ReFuel, Clean Energy Fuels, Cornerstone, BioCNGTM, and Unison Solutions, Inc.

In addition to the International Bioenergy Project of the Year award, the Sacramento BioDigester was awarded the 2013 Energy Vision Green Leadership Award. This award was presented during the 2013 Energy Vision Leadership Awards ceremony on November 22, 2013, in New York City, NY.

The Sacramento BioDigester in Sacramento, CA converts 25 tons of food waste per day into various forms of renewable energy including heat, electricity, and natural gas. After the completion of Phase II, the facility will produce 700,000 diesel gallons equivalent per year of renewable CNG and prevent the release of 18,000 tons of CO2. According to Dave Broihahn, PE, co-owner of Unison, “This technology is an example of the biogas treatment systems we have been providing to the renewable energy market for many years and will allow our customers to offset the rising cost of electricity, gasoline, and diesel fuel.”

This advancing technology also benefits the environment as methane is naturally formed in landfills.  According to the U.S. EPA, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of global methane emissions are due to human-related activities such as landfills and digesters. “The biogas treatment systems allow our customers to maximize the benefit of utilizing the biogas created by their wastewater treatment facilities and landfills” said Jan Scott, co-owner of Unison.

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2013 International Bioenergy Project of the Year award

2013 Energy Vision Green Leadership award

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