Siloxane/VOC Removal Systems

Siloxanes are chemicals used extensively in industrial products such as lubricants, and in personal care products. Nearly all digester and landfill gas contain one or more species of siloxanes. When biogas containing siloxanes are combusted in gas turbines, boilers, fuel cells, or internal combustion engines, deposits of solid silicon dioxide (SiO2) collect within the equipment. Damage inflicted by siloxane deposits can be profound, causing more frequent maintenance and lower generation capacity. Volatile organic compounds (VOC), other than siloxanes, can also damage equipment and are often listed on pipeline specifications.  Consequently, many of our systems include integrated siloxane/VOC removal systems.

Because each source and composition of biogas is unique, we have a variety of media available to remove siloxane and VOC’s. Our in-house experts will evaluate your biogas chemistry and determine the optimum removal media for your specific location. 

For biogas with high levels of siloxanes or VOC’s, we offer Regenerative Siloxane Removal  systems.

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