Biogas Testing

Testing of biogas is an important step in the planning of a conditioning or upgrading system as well as ongoing system maintenance. When your gas sample test results are available, our trained staff will interpret the results, compare them to past samples, and make recommendations to keep your system operating at its optimum.

We offer the following standard testing options to meet all your biogas system requirements:

  • Major Constituents and BTU
  • Compound Speciation – Siloxanes
  • Compound Speciation – Sulfur Components
  • Compound Speciation – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Other services include:

  • Specialty testing for constituents such as bacteria, mercury, and ammonia. Hydrocarbon dewpoint and moisture testing are also available.
  • Lab verification of gas testing protocols
  • In-house evaluation of biogas test data
  • RNG tariff review and compliance recommendations

*Lab protocols and component lists available upon request

*Shipping of biogas samples is regulated by the DOT. The sampling and shipping materials supplied by Unison meet or exceed all of these regulations.

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