Siloxane/VOC & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media

Because each source of biogas is unique, we have a variety of media available to remove hydrogen sulfide, siloxanes, and other VOC compounds. Our in-house experts will evaluate your biogas chemistry and determine the optimal media for your specific location.

Our engineers and chemistry experts have developed, tested, and specified several types of filtration media to effectively remove the unwanted contaminants. We also inventory large quantities of our media products to provide quick delivery to our customers. We offer the following products and services to meet your H2S, siloxanes, and VOC removal requirements:

  • Iron-based and carbon media for H2S removal
  • Iron based additives to reduce H2S in the digester
  • Unique types of carbon-based and silica-based media for siloxane and VOC removal
  • Modeling programs to estimate media life
  • Media comparisons and lifecycle costing
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